Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm back, and How to Resprout Green Onions!

Wow, it's been over a month since my last post!  Sorry for my long absence.  I've been around but haven't been cooking many new things lately, mostly in an effot to save money.  I find that when I get obsessive about finding new recipes for the blog, my grocery bill seems to skyrocket.  I still have ingredients in the pantry purchased for "blog recipes" but haven't gotten around to making them.  Sometimes life, and my lack of proper menu planning, gets in the way.  Although, I do find that even when I make a menu plan, we almost never completely stick to it.  I'm sure you can all relate.

Today I'm not posting a recipe, but I did want to share a great gardening tip that is new to me.  Perhaps this is old news to you, but I was excited when I discovered that I could use the cut off root end of a store-bought green onion and regrow it for another use.  Just put it in a couple inches of water and wait about 7-10 days. 

Here is a picture of a small bowl, I have in my dining room window.  The green onions on the left were cut and placed in the water about 5 days ago.  The ones on the right were placed in the bowl last night.  You can see that it really doesn't take long for these to shoot back up.   I believe you can cut and re-use them 3 or 4 times.  We go through so many green onions in our house.  I can't believe I didn't learn this sooner.  No more wasting those roots!


Michelle said...

This is such a fantastic thing to know! Thanks for sharing. I use green onions all the time and never knew they'd regrow.

Anonymous said...

that's such a nifty trick! I always buy a new bundle of Green onions every week.. I will definitely keep this in mind